English Summary

The catastrophe at the Fukushima nuclear power plant brought a new urgency to the discussion of nuclear power policy. Only a short time before that, the economic crisis of 2007-2008 permanently undermined confidence in neo-liberal economic concepts. These are just two examples of events that confirm how our civilization is developing in the wrong direction. To correct this requires not only putting aside the political axis of left and right, but also a fundamental change in thinking about economic and social actions.

The major challenges of the future such as globalization, growth limits, and international justice are universally well known. Why, then, is it still so difficult to find adequate responses to these challenges? We have to know the root causes of the problems, only those who know the origins of the problems will be able to find ways out of them.

This leads us to the need of a new economic system - one beyond capitalism and communism. One possible system is presented here, a value-based economy, an ecologic, democratic market ecomomy. Further details on the website in English: www.axiosophy.net.


See also the book, “A Change of Coordinates” written by Maximilian Heubach. It gives the reader courage by convincingly describing how another world is indeed possible.

For further information see: www.koordinatenwechsel.de